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More than 35 years' experience in providing innovative cooling solutions has resulted in the development of a range of inverter chillers, branded MultiCool Plus.


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Thanks to the use of the latest technological solutions and uncompromising approach to designing of our units, we produced central units that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Save Energy

Optimization of energy consumption costs

BMS Ready

Building Management System

Inwerter Drive

Smooth control of compressor’s speed


Inverter technology

Units from the MultiCool Plus belong to the group of inverter units. This means that the efficiency of their work adapts to the moment load. At the moment of high demand for cooling, the unit increases the capacity to deliver the right amount. As the demand decreases , the inverter unit modulates the output according to the needs. It thereby reduces energy consumption and noise level. This is due to the inverter drive, which is responsible for controlling the speed of the motor driving the compressor.



Inverter units are available in two specification variants: Mul-ticool Plus. Each of the variants is available in the refrigerating and freezing version, and for each version three models are featured, which are defined by the power ranges with which they can operate.

Cooling units

MCP 10

Power range: 1.5kW – 10kW

MCP 15

Power range: 2.5kW – 17kW

MCP 25

Power range: 3.5kW – 25kW

Freezing units


Power range: 1.5kW – 10kW


Power range: 1.0kW – 4.0kW


Power range: 2.5kW – 10kW



Compact shape.

Rigid mono-housing design.

Possibility of above-ground and wall mounting.

Connectors located outside the housing with service valves.

PLUG & PLAY unit, ready for commissioning immediately after installation.

It is factory equipped with a set of necessary apparatuses and programmed for refrigeration or freezing, with no additional setpoints required.



Solid sound-proof housing, made of corrosion-resistant material.


Extremely high work culture, thanks to the control based on a professional PLC.

Ability to connect to any BMS system.

Inverter scroll compressor with smoothly adjustable speed range.

Super quiet and cost-effective condenser fan with EC motor, and smooth speed control.

Built-in recorder of unit operation parameters, with the possibility of recording data to any USB storage medium.

Simple electrical installation based on a transparent, easily-diagnosed motherboard.

Built-in control and diagnostics panel with an intuitive text menu available in Polish or English.

Very low vibrations level.

Dedicated support frame for wall mounting.



Full compatibility with products

All inverter units from IGLOO are compatible with units of any producers, and they can be mounted in any other system.


Their efficiency, operation culture and other performance indicators will not change regardless of origin, brand of connected units. Also the units which, regardless of the manufacturer, are connected to the MultiCool Plus units, can operate at their full potential. However, it is worth noting that with the use of selected sets of Igloo, we can expect spectacular results in the form of the Defrost Free feature.


Plug & Play

MultiCool Plus units are Plug & Play devices. This means that they are ready for operation almost immediately after installation. Use of PLC and proprietary software created by IGLOO makes configuration of the unit as simple as selection of the coolant. Other parameters are detected and configured by PLC after start-up. Thanks to this, after mounting of cool-ing and electrical components, it takes several seconds to start the system up. In comparison, in the case of units from other manufacturers, the config-uration, tests and trials necessary for the correct configuration of the sys-tem sometimes last hours and require extensive documentation.