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More than 35 years' experience in providing innovative cooling solutions has resulted in the development of a range of inverter chillers, branded MultiCool Plus.


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Units with a low level of emitted noise

One of the characteristic features, which make IGLOO units stand out from the competing units with similar functionality, is the low noise level. As you can see in the attached table, the noise level reaches incredibly low values.

Thanks to this, our units can be mounted wherever inconveniences caused by sound intensity must be confined to the minimum. Additionally, the units are featured with the Silent mode, which is activated automatically at night (parameter to be set).

MODEL: max. noise level [db(A)]
(sound intensity measured from a distance of 1 m)
noise level in silent mode [db(A)]
(sound intensity measured from a distance of 1 m)
10 ≤40 ≤35
15 40 35
25 35 30
4F 35 30
7F 35 30
11F 35 30