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Over 30 years of experience in providing innovative cooling solutions has resulted in the production of a series of inverter units, branded as MultiCool Plus.


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ACU Ready

Gotowe do pracy z modułem agregatu na wodę lodową

MultiCool Plus inverter units are structures that can gain new functionalities when necessary. Available additional modules allow to extend the range of application of units with ACU hydromodules producing ice water or with the SHM heat-recovery system Thanks to this, the use of IGLOO units becomes even more profitable.

Advanced Chiller Unit ACU–All MultiCool Plus series units are ready to work with the ACU module. It is a hydromodule that converts the cooling produced by the cooling unit into ice water (glycol), which can then be transferred as a cooling substance to the target devices. The use of the ACU module does not exclude the simultaneous use of units requiring freon.